The office of County Clerk preserves the integrity of elections and promotes public awareness and participation in the electoral process while complying with applicable statutes and rules. It also preserves and promotes public trust and confidence in Hidalgo County governmental services by providing assistance to those seeking access.

Office Hours:
7:30am – 5:30pm Monday – Thursday 


The County Clerk is an elected county official. Some of the responsibilities of the office include:

  • Handling voter registration and election administration
  • Acting as ex-officio clerk of the County Probate Court
  • Acting as ex-officio clerk to the Hidalgo County Board of Commissioners, creating and maintaining minutes of the meetings of the board for permanent record
  • Recording, filing, and preserving all types of documents submitted for public and permanent record
  • Issuing Lodger’s Tax Applications
  • Issuing Business Licenses
  • Issuing Liquor Licenses
  • Issuing Marriage Licenses and maintaining database for permanent record

What You Need to Know

Recording of Documents

Please remember that the documents being recorded are permanent records and must be legible and reproducible after being scanned and filmed

Our office uses a 2″ by 4″ label for recording information. Please allow enough space on your document for this label or it will be returned to you unrecorded.

Document Requirements

Whether you choose to submit your documents for recording in person or by mail, here are some important requirements:

Only original documents are recorded.

All documents must be notarized. Notary information must be complete (signature, date, seal, and expiration date required).

When mailing, please send exact fees. Documents that include over or under the amount due will be returned without being processed.

A complete legal description is required for transfer of property.

What We Can’t Do

The County Clerk’s staff will not conduct searches, but can provide the name of the local abstract and title company upon request.

The staff cannot give legal advice about documents you want recorded (whether they are correct, complete, or legally sufficient for your purposes).   Consult an attorney in these matters.

You Have The Right!

By law, you have the right to inspect public records. If you have questions or want to see records, contact the appropriate office.
Right to Inspect Public Records