Register to Vote

Follow the instructions to become a registered Voter!

For all US elections:

 Step 1:  Download the National Voter Registration Application.   

 Step 2:  Print page 4; make sure to include your social security number on the application.

 Step 3:  Mail your signed application to the County Clerk’s office (300 Shakespeare, Lordsburg NM 88045).

For overseas and armed forces electors only:

 Step 1:  Download the Overseas and Armed Forces Electors Federal Post Card Application.  

 Step 2:   Mail, fax, or e-mail your signed Federal Post Card Application to your County Clerk.

IMPORTANT information about filling out your registration form:

–To Update inform on your voter registration, submit a new form

–Your full social security number is required (in the field marked ID number). Although voter registration is public record, birth date and social security number is confidential and will never be disclosed.

— You must submit your application at least 28 days before an election in order to vote in that election.  Any registration submitted within 27 days of an election will not be processed until the Monday following the election.

 — You must register with a major political party (Democrat or Republican) if you wish to participate in that party’s primary election, caucus, or convention.

2019 Regular Local Election is on NOVEMBER 5TH the following positions will be up for Election:

City of Lordsburg
Three City Councilors, 4 yr Term
Village of Virden Two Village Councilors, 4 yr Term
Animas Public School District NO.6 Four School Board Members, 4 yr Term
Lordsburg Municipal School District NO.1 Three School Board Members, 4 yr Term
Grant Soil and Water Conservation District Three District Board Members
(Grant, Hidalgo & Luna) 4 yr Term
Hidalgo Soil and Water Conservation District Three District Board Members
(Hidalgo & Grant) 4 yr Term

*SIGN UP DAY IS AUGUST 27, 2019 9:00 am to 5:00 pm At Hidalgo County Clerk’s Office

Pursuant to the Primary Election Law, NMSA  1978, Sections 1-8-10 to -52 (1969, as amended through 2017), I, Susana Martinez, Governor of the State of New Mexico, by virtue of the authority vested in me, do hereby issue the following proclamation:
 That a Primary Election is called to be held throughout the State of New Mexico and in each county and precinct thereof on June 5, 2018;
 That a Primary Election shall be applicable to the following political parties: the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Libertarian Party; and
 That the Primary Election shall be for the purpose of permitting the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, and the Libertarian Party to nominate candidates for the following offices: (See the document here)

 Según la Ley de Elección Primarias, NMSA 1978, de las secciones 1-8-10 a la -52 (1969 enmendada hasta el año 2017) yo, Susana Martinez, Gobernadora del Estado de Nuevo México, en virtud de la autoridad otorgada a mí, por la presente emito la siguiente proclamación:
 Que una Elección Primaria es, y se llevará a cabo en el Estado de Nuevo México y en cada condado y precinto del mismo el 5 de junio del 2018;
 Que la Elección Primaria será aplicada a los siguientes partidos políticos: El Partido Demócrata y el  Partido Republicano y el Partido Libertario; y
 Que la elección primaria será con el propósito de permitir al Partido Demócrata y al Partido Republicano y el Partido Libertario para nominar candidatos para las siguientes oficinas:  (Ver el documento aqui