The Hidalgo County Treasurer’s office is dedicated to providing reliable banking services for county agencies, secure investment of your tax dollars, and trustworthy accounting services that provide transparency for county residents.

About the County Treasurer’s Office

The County Treasurer’s office could be called the “banker” for the County.

The County Treasurer’s office is:

-Responsible for collecting money due to other County departments, including fees for services, licenses and   revenues from bond issues and special assessments.

-The collector of all county revenues and is the depositor, safe keeper, and investor of all county funds.

–Investments are made with the advice and consent of the Board of Finance, who is made up of the Board of County Commissioners, County Treasurer and the County Clerk as the ex officio member and recorder.

-Responsible to produce a monthly financial report.

-Responsible for the collection and monthly distribution of property taxes collected.

-Responsible for assuring the legality and propriety of disbursements.

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