• Warren D Walter, Sheriff

  • Phone
    (575) 542-3833
  • Fax
    (575) 542-3143
  • Address
    720 E. 2nd Street
    Lordsburg, NM 88045


The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office will preserve and protect the quality of life, safety, and welfare of citizens within the served community. Our authority is derived from those we serve. We uphold public trust that we will professionally enact our duties without compromising because of race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex, or any factor prohibited by legal precedent. 

We will establish and sustain protection of constitutional rights, ethical reasoning, and community order by wisely executing duties and utilizing resources.


The sheriff is the commander of the sheriff’s office and ultimately makes the decisions for the organization. She/he is responsible to make sure organizational goals are met in efficient ways and answers to county citizens and county commissioners for personal or employee action.

The sheriff and deputies serve and execute all processes, writs, and orders handed down from court judges. The sheriff and employees can execute orders of municipal court judges, as long as satisfactory compensation arrangements are made.

Duties of the sheriff fall into these categories:

*Criminal matters and jurisdiction (law enforcement, apprehension of violators, investigation of crime, prevention of crime, regulation of conduct which may affect violation).

*Civil matters (receipt and sevice of judicial processes, notice publication, civil paper transmission)

*Court functions (providing bailiff, summoning jurists, executing civil and criminal court orders, providing personal attendance)

*The sheriff and deputies are bound by ethical and moral codes of conduct. 

*The sheriff may not use confidential information for his or another’s gain.

*The sheriff may not employ persons related to him unless first approved by the board of county commissioners.