County Manager

The County Manager is the County’s Chief Administrative Officer and is tasked with implementing the policies and directives established by the Board of County Commissioners. The County Manager also serves as a liaison between the Commission, other elected officials and County employees to ensure that all County operations are conducted in accordance with County ordinances and regulations.

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Hidalgo County Detention Center

It is the mission of the Hidalgo County Detention Center to safely and securely detain persons arrested awaiting trial and/or sentenced to the facility in a clean, humane, disciplined, structured environment directed by a trained professional staff.

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The mission of Dispatch Services is to handle 911 and non-emergency calls for law enforcement, medical, rescue, and fire to provide county citizens with quick and efficient response to best serve the needs of communities.

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Sheriff's Department

The Hidalgo County Sheriff’s Office will preserve and protect the quality of life, safety, and welfare of citizens within the served community. Our authority is derived from those we serve. We uphold public trust that we will professionally enact our duties without compromising because of race, religion, national origin, political affiliation, sex, or any factor prohibited by legal precedent.
We will establish and sustain protection of constitutional rights, ethical reasoning, and community order by wisely executing duties and utilizing resources.

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911 Addressor/Emergency Manager

The county addressor makes sure that all streets and roads in the county have place names, signs, and are entered according to 911 calling standards.

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Road Department

Hidalgo County is broken into three sections: A, B, and C, which involve 480.7 miles of county maintained roads.
The A Section has 42 roads, with a total of 168.8 miles.
The B Section has 12 roads and 19.5 miles.
The C Section has 105 roads, totaling 292.5 miles.
The department employs three equipment operators.
Hidalgo County owns four blades, two loaders, one bulldozer, two dump trucks, and one equipment hauling truck and trailer. At least some of this equipment runs most days of the year maintaining roads.

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