Hidalgo County Office Hours

  • The Hidalgo County Detention Center Inmate visitation has resumed. Please visit Securustech.net to schedule visits.

You are encouraged to utilize many online services that are available at www.hidalgocounty.org .

If you need additional information or assistance please call me at 575-590-7662.

Thank you, Tisha Green, County Manager

County Office phone numbers and e-mails:

County Clerk                     575-542-9213    alyssa.esquivel@hidalgocounty.org

County Assessor              575-542-3433     martin.neave@hidalgocounty.org

County Treasurer            575-542-9313     leslee.rudiger@hidalgocounty.org

Probate Judge                  575-542-9512     carmen.acosta@hidalgocounty.org

Transfer Station              575-542-9800     aaron.delagarza@hidalgocounty.org

EMS Station                      575-542-8272     david.whipple@hidalgocounty.org

Manager’s Office             575-542-9428     tisha.green@hidalgocounty.org

Sheriff’s Office                575-542-3833     serena.brito@hcnmsheriff.org

Detention Center            575-542-3050     artemisia.romero@hidalgocounty.org

Dispatch                           575-542-8828    priscilla.maxwell@hidalgocounty.org

Road Department           575-548-2672     fernando.marquez@hidalgocounty.org

Emergency Manager      575-542-8827     scott.richins@hidalgocounty.org

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