There may be a quorum of Hidalgo County Commissioners in attendance at the Hidalgo Count Public Lands Advisory Committee (PLAC) meeting at 3:00 PM on Wednesday, October 26, 2022 at 305 S. Pyramid St., Lordsburg, NM 88045.  The PLAC meeting is open to the public.  County-related matters may be discussed but there will be no action taken by the Board of County Commissioners.  Copies of the PLAC agenda may be obtained by contacting Chair Meira Gault at .

The Board of Hidalgo County Commissioners are requesting interested individuals to serve on the County’s Lodgers’ Tax Advisory Board.  There shall be five members appointed with the below qualifications:

  • Two members who are owners or operators of lodgings subject to the occupancy tax
  • Two members who are owners or operators of industries located within the County that primarily provide services or products to tourists
  • One member who is a resident of the County and represents the general public

If you are interested in serving on the County’s Lodgers’ Tax advisory board who will meet no more than two times annually, please e-mail by Monday, March 28, 2022. 

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.  If you have questions in reference to the purpose of the committee please e-mail  

The Hidalgo County Commission will hold a public hearing on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at5:30 PMin the County Commissioners Chambers of the Hidalgo County Administration Office, 305 Pyramid Street, Lordsburg, NM 88034 NM to consider the preliminary plat of the Dark Skies Subdivision.

The applicant, Steven Blum, on behalf of Dark Skies Subdivision, LLC, 18 Glenwood Street, Natick, MA 01760, (617) 212-1440, is requesting approval of a preliminary plat for a proposed subdivision containing twelve (12) non-residential lots to be exclusively utilized as observatories to be utilized remotely on approximately 10 acres in Section 21, Township 27 South, Range 20 West, N.M.P.M., Animas, Hidalgo County, New Mexico.

A final decision on the preliminary plat will be made by the Board of County Commissioners on Wednesday, April 13, 2022, at 5:30 PM in the County Commission Chambers of Hidalgo County, located at 305 Pyramid Street, Lordsburg, NM.

If you have any questions or require additional information regarding this request or would like a copy of opinions from the state agencies and the subdivider’s proposal, or require special assistance, please feel free to contact the Hidalgo County Manager at (575) 542-9428.

Hidalgo County Office Hours

  • The Hidalgo County Detention Center Inmate visitation has resumed. Please visit to schedule visits.

You are encouraged to utilize many online services that are available at .

If you need additional information or assistance please call me at 575-590-7662.

Thank you, Tisha Green, County Manager

County Office phone numbers and e-mails:

County Clerk                     575-542-9213

County Assessor              575-542-3433

County Treasurer            575-542-9313

Probate Judge                  575-542-9512

Transfer Station              575-542-9800

EMS Station                      575-542-8272

Manager’s Office             575-542-9428

Sheriff’s Office                575-542-3833

Detention Center            575-542-3050

Dispatch                           575-542-8828

Road Department           575-548-2672

Emergency Manager      575-542-8827

Additional Info:

If you want emergency notifications from the County, click on the link to register your contact preference.